Member Benefits

  • Sharing of information
  • Monthly networking luncheons
  • Informative guest speakers
  • Influence in issues of key importance to the Vancouver hotel community

About Us

The Hotel Association of Vancouver was established in 2009 as a merger of the VHGMA (Vancouver Hotel General Manager's Association) and the VHA (Vancouver Hotel Association). As the collective voice of Vancouver hotels, we work to represent their interests to governments, media and the larger hotel community while ensuring that members are informed and active on key issues. Membership in our association is automatic for all Vancouver hotels belonging to the BC Hotel Association.


With one voice we will collectively address the wants and needs of the hotel community within the boundaries of the City of Vancouver. We will do this through collaborative activity and an engaged membership.


  • To develop the efficiency of its members by the mutual exchange of ideas
  • To promote the hotel and hospitality industries
  • To promote goodwill and a better understanding between the public, the Government bodies and the media and the hotel and hospitality industries
  • To keep its members informed and to represent and promote the interests of its members on matters of public importance including any proposed legislation or regulation affecting its members or the hotel and hospitality industry
  • The doing of all such other things that is incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives
  • To represent City of Vancouver Hotels on the Boards of Tourism Vancouver, British Columbia Hotels’ Association and any other association that supports our purpose


How do I become an active member?
To be an active member of the Hotel Association of Vancouver, you must be a General Manager of a hotel operating within the boundaries of the City of Vancouver. Your hotel must also be a member of the BC Hotel Association.

How do I become an associate member?
Associate members may include individuals with strong ties to the Vancouver hospitality industry or general managers of hotels operating outside the boundaries of the City of Vancouver, but within Metro Vancouver. All applications for associate membership must be approved by the Board of Directors. We are currently not accepting associate membership requests from suppliers.

How many members does the Hotel Association of Vancouver have?
We have 74 active members, and five associate members.

How often do members meet?
Members gather at monthly luncheons, held every month except August.

How many board members are there?
We have a board of 13 directors.